• Constructing a Large Garage in Morgantown, WV

    At Conestoga Buildings, we like to handle every aspect of every project from conception to completion. This allows us to make sure that every detail is finished correctly and each building we build is a welcome addition to our clients’ properties. One of our current projects is building a large garage in Morgantown, West Virginia.

  • Rebuilding a Garage in Felton, PA

    At Conestoga Buildings, we are a reliable source for projects as small as barns and garages and even up to large retail facilities and multi million-dollar municipal buildings. Now, after over 25 years in the business, we are still proud as ever when we near the end of another new project. Recently, we were brought

  • A Corvette Storage Post Frame Building in Canastota, NY

    Recently we completed a simple gable tie-in structure for a client in Canastota, New York. This post frame storage building was designed for personal storage, as well as a hobby shop. Most importantly, it was to include a lift for the client’s most prized possession: a Chevy Corvette. Thanks to cost-effective post frame building techniques,

  • A Post Frame Garage Project in Frederick, MD

    Recently, the Conestoga Buildings team completed a post frame garage project in Frederick, Maryland. As an accomplished post-frame builder, we’ve built a wide variety of garages in Maryland for vehicles, storage and more. Read on to learn about this particular project. The project began when our client realized she was running out of room to

  • Revitalize Your Garage Floor

    If you’ve recently (or not so recently) built or designed a garage building, you probably want a few tips on the best way to approach periodic maintenance. Or perhaps your building is long-overdue for a completely new look and you’re considering a full-scale storage building makeover. Fortunately, the ease-of-assembly that comes attendant with a post

  • 5 Common Dangers in the Garage (And How to Handle Them)

    Here at Conestoga Buildings we’ve had to account for, plan for, mitigate and prevent a number of dangers and hazards building post frame barn garages throughout the years. The design and build processes each present a number of unique challenges all their own, but there’s just as much to be mindful of when it comes

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