• Build an Indoor Riding Ring

    An indoor riding ring takes your riding program year-round, providing a safe, weatherproof instruction and show ring that can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Some owners include features like tack rooms, wash areas, observation rooms, bathrooms and show seating in their plans. Others are looking for an affordable, basic structure to

  • Building Eaves Onto Your Barn for Extra Storage

    When designing a new horse barn, eaves aren’t always at the top of a horse owner’s list of concerns. Yet you have many options when choosing eaves for your barn, and they have a big impact on its utility over the long term. A Sheltered Paddock Area Extending eaves on one or both sides of

  • Build a Run-In Shed or Loafing Shed

    Whether you’re planning a run-in shed for quick shelter during daily turnout, as a temporary stable until your barn is built, or to serve as the main shelter for horses who spend most of their time in pasture, a post frame barn-style run-in shed is one of the most basic and useful structures on the

  • Building a Barn for Your Special Needs Horses

    There are times when horses require extra medical attention, isolation, or other accommodations for special needs. Retired or aging horses may be happy with extra turnout, while a sick horse might need to be close at hand for monitoring and care. The following are some steps you can take to accommodate horses that are aging,

  • 8 Steps to Prevent Barn Fires

    A barn fire is the stuff of nightmares for any horse owner, with good reason. The average barn is a tinder box, filled with dried bedding, feed and dust. Improperly baled hay and straw can spontaneously ignite a fast-spreading fire. According to a report by Penn State’s College of Agriculture, straw reaches burning temperatures within

  • Choosing Barn Doors: A Horse’s View

    When designing or renovating a barn for horses, it’s important to look at your structure from your horse’s perspective. What is snug, cozy and inviting for people is often the very opposite of what your horses need in their homes. Choosing barn doors is no exception. Start with horse-pleasing functionality, then you can have a

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