• Why Choose Post Frame Construction? Part 1 : Cost-effectiveness (A 3-Part Series)

    We’ve come to realize that many don’t know about post frame construction–or don’t completely understand it–and we want to change that! In this 3-part series, we’re going to educate our readers about post frame construction and the benefits of a Conestoga® building. The post frame building technique was adapted from post-and-beam construction. To give you

  • Horse Barn Designs: Stall and Stable Options

    If you’ve decided to look into developing any kind of equestrian post frame barn, from a two-stall plan to a barn home with full-scale living quarters, there’s one feature of the overall design where you can never spend too much time. The style and structure of your horses’ stalls will have a radical impact on

  • Barn Homes and Apartments

    How many horse owners or barn lovers haven’t dreamt of somehow combining their living quarters with the rustic charm of a horse barn? Well, with the movement toward smaller homes and the steadily rising cost of purchasing and maintaining traditional homes – barn homes and barn apartments (sometimes called barndominiums) are fast becoming the top

  • Consider Ventilation When Designing Your Horse Barn

    Keeping horses healthy and well-maintained is a top priority for every owner, and high quality air is essential for minimizing respiratory concerns and improving your horses’ living standards. Ventilation is one of the most important features in any horse barn, and post frame buildings allow for dozens of unique construction variations. Well-designed ventilation systems work

  • Building a Small Horse Barn

    Horses are intuitive and intelligent. And in the same way that we humans select and modify our own living spaces, they require just the right environment in which to live and grow. A poorly constructed equestrian facility can mean more than higher vet bills and maintenance costs for owners – it can also affect the

  • Wood vs. Metal: Which Is Best for Your Horse Barn?

    Ask a group of horse owners which they prefer for their horse barns and sheds and you’re likely to find strong opinions on both sides. Often cost is a big factor in choosing materials for a new post frame barn structure, but in many cases the costs of materials and labor for wood or metal

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