• Why Do You Need a Second Floor in Your Pole Barn?

    Sometimes it’s a simple matter of wanting extra storage space or having an absolute need for a complete second floor or loft, but what helps you determine whether or not to move forward with a second floor in your new farm building? WHAT DO YOU DO? Do you grow and store your own hay and

  • Top 5 Advantages of Pole Barns

    When people are looking to build a new pole barn or farm building, they often do research to find out what style of framing and building is the best. Simply put, pole barns are the most affordable and cost-effective solution. Even more, the best pole barns built by Conestoga Buildings are, well…simply the best. Our years

  • Wood vs. Metal: Which is Better for Pole Barns

    As people plan on building a new pole barn or farm building, there are some choices that need to be made in regards to the materials used for the framing, as well as the materials used for the outer shell of the barn, sometimes called the building envelope. For framing, options are generally limited to

  • 8 Tips for Planning Your New Pole Barn or Agricultural Building

    The time is approaching; that time of year when we start planning out new construction projects around the farm, getting ready to replace that old barn or shed that just isn’t what it used to be. Here are 10 great tips for planning out your new pole barn or agricultural building project. 8. CONSIDER WHAT

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