• Pole Barn Ventilation – A Quick Review

    It’s that time of year again when the humidity is high and it’s hard for you to escape the sweltering heat. We’ve posted some blog posts in the past about pole barn ventilation and climate control in commercial buildings but thought doing a quick post to mention some helpful tips would be a good refresher! When

  • Save Time and Money on Your Post Frame Building

    When it comes to post frame buildings, there are many benefits over stick frame structures – how quickly they can be erected is the main one that commonly comes to people’s minds. Now, it’s even easier for you to get your traditional storage building, garage or simple agricultural building constructed in days, not weeks! Conestoga Buildings has launched its

  • Barn Homes and Apartments

    How many horse owners or barn lovers haven’t dreamt of somehow combining their living quarters with the rustic charm of a horse barn? Well, with the movement toward smaller homes and the steadily rising cost of purchasing and maintaining traditional homes – barn homes and barn apartments (sometimes called barndominiums) are fast becoming the top

  • Building Eaves Onto Your Barn for Extra Storage

    When designing a new horse barn, eaves aren’t always at the top of a horse owner’s list of concerns. Yet you have many options when choosing eaves for your barn, and they have a big impact on its utility over the long term. A Sheltered Paddock Area Extending eaves on one or both sides of

  • Housing Poultry in a Pole Barn

    Pole barns are versatile and adaptable. In the decades since they’ve become one of the most popular choices for construction projects everywhere, you’d be hard pressed to find a commercial application that isn’t available as a pole barn plan. So if you’re developing an agricultural building as a poultry house or a chicken coop, consider the

  • Roofing Options and Considerations

    There’s plenty to consider when designing a pole barn or agricultural building for your property. And far and away, one of the most important considerations is roofing. It’s easy to get lost in all the options, styles and materials available throughout the design process, so we wanted to simplify things. We know selecting roofing for your

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