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5 Things to Look For In A Custom Horse Barn Builder

As you decide on a custom horse barn builder to create the perfect structure for your property, it pays to be choosy. Before you sign a contract with someone to build your custom horse barn, know that experience, knowledge, creativity, organizational skills, and professionalism all matter immensely.

So just what characteristics are most important when it comes to choosing a builder for your custom horse barn? Read on to find out! And contact us today to learn more about the unique characteristics that we at Conestoga bring to the table. With over 30 years of experience building custom horse barns in the Mid Atlantic region, we know how to do it right.

5 Characteristics You Need in a Custom Horse Barn Builder

1. Someone With Experience Building Horse Barns
Not all horse barn builders have the same degree of competence when it comes to custom work. Only an experienced horse barn builder will know what considerations are necessary to address. Many nuances exist when determining the size of stalls, layout, types of doors for pasturing animals, and more. Only specialized expertise and extensive experience assure that a custom horse barn builder has the mastery needed to fulfill your vision and needs. Less experienced builders might not know what they don’t know. But we’ve seen it all, and you’ll benefit from that kind of experience.

2. Someone Who Designs Code-Approved Plans 
Code-compliant blueprints are an essential part of the process. Not every builder has an in-house team capable of creating them. All Conestoga Buildings custom horse barns get built from detailed, fully engineered plans that comply with all building, fire, and safety code requirements. If inspectors or townships require changes, our in-house team can quickly and easily make updates to ensure that your process doesn’t get thrown off track. So look for a builder with in-house design and engineering. It’s the best way to make sure you’re getting a top-quality building.

3. Someone With Solid Project Manager Oversight
Building custom horse barns involves many moving parts and an array of details. Because it’s a complicated process, it’s critical to have an experienced tradesperson overseeing the job. Conestoga Buildings’ project managers keep projects running smoothly and on schedule – from initial excavation to final inspection. They double-check work, make sure plans are adhered to, and monitor activities to confirm that our standards of quality are upheld. They pay attention to every last detail on the job site and keep you in the loop about your project status and timing.

4. Someone Who Never Cuts Corners
Make sure the custom horse barn builder you choose uses high-quality materials. Conestoga Buildings has been building custom horse barns for over 30 years. We know which materials stand the test of time, and we construct your structure to last. No skimping on cheap materials or cutting corners on workmanship here! Because we offer a best-in-class warranty, we make sure we build our buildings right the first time. That way you’ll enjoy a trouble-free building for decades to come.

5. Someone Who Guarantees Their Workmanship 
Speaking of our warranty… be wary if a builder doesn’t offer a guarantee of quality! At Conestoga Buildings, we have a “Zero Punchlist Guarantee.” That means that at the end of a job, we don’t consider it finished until 100 percent of the scope of work is complete to your satisfaction. Also, we offer that industry-leading two-year warranty we mentioned above. We’re so confident in the quality of our materials and workmanship, we can offer this type of guarantee.

Put Your Custom Horse Barn in Reliable Hands
By choosing Conestoga Buildings, you get a custom horse barn builder that meets all of the qualifications above and then some. Contact us today to discuss your project! Nothing is more important to us than giving you the best quality, durability, and functionality in your horse barn.

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