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  • Conestoga Hits a Hole in One with Hook & Irons

    Fred Ayars could not be more excited to get his Golf and Social Lounge, Hook & Irons, up and running later this spring in Pennsville, New Jersey.  “We started hard planning our project in late 2019, and survived delays associated with the pandemic, resulting in a late 2022 implementation.  Conestoga was patient all the way…

  • Massive Man Cave / Barndominium

    Step into Bobby’s World! This 15 thousand square foot building houses a race shop, storage space and an unbelievable “small town” home. Imagine living in an Irish Pub, well Bobby does! Check it out! If you’re looking for a post frame builder that will deliver the honesty, integrity and value you deserve, contact us.  We look…

  • Estate Built by Conestoga Buildings

    We are so excited to reveal an entire estate built by Conestoga Buildings, including a garage, barn and home/barndominium in Maryland. The following video’s not only feature the Messineo’s beautiful property, but also the relationship we built with them over the years. Part 1 focuses on the garage/workshop, as well as the incredible relationship we…

  • The VALUE in Conestoga Buildings

    Choosing the right construction company for your project can be a daunting task.  There are so many different things to weigh, but the VALUE each company brings to the table should be top priority.  Here at Conestoga Buildings, we are looking to give you the best project for your money.  Many clients come to us…

  • The Benefits of a Design/Build Agreement

    What is a Design/Build Agreement? If you are new to the construction world, you may have never heard of the term “Design/Build Agreement” or “Preconstruction Agreement”, but it’s time to change that.  A Design/Build Agreement allows clients to hire general contractors before the main building contract is executed, a one stop shop, if you will….

  • Often-Forgotten Barndominium Costs: They really add up

    Did you know that based upon the national average, 85% of all new construction goes over budget by 10%?  That’s a scary statistic to hear if you are getting ready to build, so we wanted to breakdown the often-forgotten costs associated with building a barndominium to help you stay on budget! Land – First and…

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