Post Frame Agricultural Buildings for Diverse Farming Needs

When looking for a functional, high-quality agricultural building, functionality and affordability are most important. At Conestoga Buildings, we use an efficient, cost-effective post frame building process that boasts superior workmanship.

Using post frame construction, you’ll have your agricultural building fast and at a low cost. Your building can be infinitely customized to suit your specific agricultural application and style.

When designing a post frame agricultural building, we consider:

  • Business or personal use
  • Purpose of the building
  • Essential options like roofing, siding, insulation and vapor barrier
  • Necessity for a second floor for storage or functional space
  • Types of entry or slider doors needed
  • Integration of solar systems
  • Stone or concrete


At Conestoga Buildings, we use green building materials and follow eco-friendly practices. In addition, we make proper layout, functionality and sustainability a priority as we design and build your structure. We make sure it will not only serve your livestock and equipment needs, but also that it will minimize your operating and maintenance costs.

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Distinctively Unique to Your Needs

As we work with you to design your structure, you’ll find an array of roofing styles, siding varieties, entry and slider door types, interior finishes and more to choose from.

pole barn designers at workOur Conestoga Buildings EXPRESS division features low-cost, pre-engineered buildings that are readily available and can be built fast. Also, we offer customizable post frame buildings. Our team will handle the drafting and engineering, permit service and project management in-house to ensure your project goes smoothly.

From design through completion, our building process delivers efficiency and a superior final result at an affordable price. Most importantly, you can count on our experienced team. We have skilled craftsmen with expertise in every component of the construction process, including excavation, concrete, engineering, and electrical. We will capably manage your project—no matter how small or large—from start to finish.

Discover the difference a post frame agricultural building with Lancaster County workmanship can make. Contact us today to request a quote!


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