Post Frame Retail Buildings To Set Your Business Up for Success

In the retail and restaurant industry, a building needs to do more than simply house your inventory and put a roof over your employees’ and customers’ heads. It needs to enable you to do business efficiently and to have the right look and feel to represent your brand.

A post frame retail building built by Conestoga Buildings will satisfy what you require in function without sacrificing curb appeal. Best of all, your post frame structure will have top-of-the-line workmanship—saving time and money and still getting everything you need and desire for the interior.

Our efficient post frame construction process allows for competitive lead times that ultimately lead to faster occupancy rates for your business. You will obtain your space and storefront quickly, which is vital to your business’s traffic flow and success.

The Conestoga Buildings team will provide planning and design assistance for your retail building, considering every aspect and detail of your business. Our post frame retail buildings include:

  • Very large, open areas
  • Option for functional office space
  • Curb appeal features like glass overhead doors and storefront windows
  • Custom aesthetic designs including vaulted ceilings and aluminum glass doors

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Turnkey Solutions & Many Options For Customization

post frame design team hard at workYou can choose from an array of options for your retail space: roofing, siding, entryways, store front, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, storage space and more. These options will give your store the right features, amenities and design to provide a distinct experience for your customers. Auto shops, farm stands and even dentist offices have been built using post frame construction.

To ensure your investment in your retail building is one you and your community will feel good about, we work closely with you from concept to completion in engineering your retail structure to perfectly fulfill your every need. With focused planning and execution, we make sure your post frame retail building will be built on time and on budget.

Ready to put your retail store or restaurant on the map? Contact us today to request a quote on a post frame retail building that’s built for success!

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