Commercial Buildings Made with Post Frame Construction

No matter what type of commercial building you are looking for—retail, restaurant, municipal, storage, equine or garage—post frame construction can meet your needs. At Conestoga Buildings, we specialize in designing and building post frame structures for businesses of all types.

Advantages of post frame construction include versatility, durability, cost effectiveness and sustainability.

Post frame buildings can be erected more quickly than other kinds of buildings due to their larger posts and interlocking frame. Also, fewer materials are needed saving you time and money when constructing the exterior of your building.

Our cost-efficient post frame construction allows for fast lead times and a low cost. But faster doesn’t mean you’ll be settling for lesser quality. We put reliable workmanship in every building. Our goal isn’t to just satisfy your needs; we aim to exceed your expectations.

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Over 25 Years Building Efficiently and Economically

helping customers build pole barns every dayWith your turnkey commercial building, everything can be customized and made to fulfill your every need.  Our team has over 25 years of experience working with you to find solutions to your structure problems. You will not only receive extensive in-house drafting and engineering, but also permit service and dedicated project management.

You can select from an array of layouts, amenities, and features to make your building serve your purposes and meet your aesthetic requirements exactly.

From concept to completion, we deliver focused planning and execution, so your post frame commercial building will be built on time and on budget.

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