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Achieve the Look and Functionality You Need in a Fire Station

Everyone knows how important fire stations are in a community. They support the needs of the fire department in regards to equipment and vehicle storage, education for the community and training for personnel. Having the right space to be efficient is key for a fire department. Being able to react to calls with all the equipment readily available will minimize response time.

Often times, a fire station includes a fire hall that provides area for the public to hold community events or receive fire safety training. This isn’t a must for all fire departments but can encourage more community interaction.

Conestoga Buildings enjoys partnering with fire departments to create a functional, eye-pleasing building. We will review your list of firefighting apparatus to ensure the size the building itself will provide the best accommodations. Areas like bays, administrative and training areas and living spaces all need to be considered in the planning stage. Read our Blog: Tips for Building a Fire Station

Fire stations can benefit from post frame construction because:

  • Large, open spaces can be achieved
  • Interior can be finished for dorms and offices
  • Multiple, different-sized bays for fire engines and response vehicles are possible
  • Affordable materials and labor help fire departments get their fire station sooner–great for volunteer fire departments!

Design a Fire Station that Makes Your Neighbors Proud

When it comes to the design of your fire house, there are two important factors you should consider: what is the best layout to ensure firefighters can suit up for departure as quickly as possible and do you need separation between the dorms and maintenance areas? Once you’ve figured out the functionality of your building, the fun part begins–creating curb appeal and a building that will complement its hometown.

With post frame construction, you can create a classic look or a look with enhanced features. Color contrast, trim choice, combinations of exterior finishes and windows can change the way your fire station is presented. Consider an attractive entranceway or covered porch to make the fire station more approachable for the community. Dressing up overhead doors can be done with arched or dutch framing. Some of the simplest features can be upgraded for little cost to make your fire station stand out.

Contact a building consultant about your new fire house and fire hall to discuss your ideas! Request a quote or call us to start the process!

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