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At Conestoga Buildings, we handle all types of commercial projects–from small business to large corporations. We’ve served the commercial industry for over 15 years and are a full service construction company, providing high-end results and exceeding expectations. Conestoga Buildings is one of the few post frame construction companies that have an in-house pre-construction and construction team to make the process as simple as possible for you, the owner. Our Design-Build Services are what you’re looking for: Coordination, Collaboration, Quality and Success.

With Conestoga Construction Services, you’ll see our hands-on approach to construction. Our diverse and knowledgeable team develops a customized project management schedule for the unique needs of our customers. The team prides itself on it’s attention to detail, project management and communication skills. As an added bonus, we are trained and experienced in every aspect of construction, making our Design-Build services a top-rated experience. It allows us to partner with you from concept to completion. We will assist during the pre-construction phase including budgeting and permit service, then close-out the project with support and the resources you need.

Learn about post frame construction and how it offers cost-savings due to its reduction in material and labor costs. We also offer pre-engineered steel packages from Corle, making all of our buildings economical and efficient.

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Project Highlight

Our team completed a creative farmstand project for Dreyer Farms, a family-owned business in New Jersey. View this short video to learn about the business, their needs and the project:



Project Summaries

Design-Build Services

As the Conestoga Buildings’ team expanded our commercial division, we saw a need to offer design-build services to our customers. What is design-build? For those who aren’t familiar with this term, the phrase ‘design-build’ refers to a method of project delivery that includes a coordinated construction approach with the customer (aka project owner). One entity holds the contracts that allow a unified flow of work from beginning to end.


Traditionally, a project owner would manage multiple contracts, becoming the middleman for his/her project. If any issues arose during the project, the customer was responsible for handling these issues or settling any disputes that came up. Many times, this approach can be unfavorable because the designers and builders are not a team that collaborates and works together toward the same goal. This causes unnecessary stress and wasted time for the customer.

With our design-build services, the Conestoga Buildings’ team handles communication between architects, engineers and subcontractors. As the project owner, you are no longer required to resolve issues and deal with disagreements during a project. Both the designers and builders work together as a united team, bringing on creative solutions and a value-oriented approach. Not to mention, when designers and builders are working on the same team–as a strong alliance–, construction time and costs are often reduced.
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