Susan Harb’s Art Studio in Virginia

susan-harb-art-studio-conestoga-buildingSusan Harb is a found object sculptor and assemblage artist with a huge collection of barn roofing, old machinery and car parts–from historic hoods to bumpers, tailgates and hubcaps. She’s located in Lexington, Virginia and was in need of a space to store these elements and to do her work. Conestoga Buildings worked with Susan to give her the space and functionality she needed with her new commercial art studio.


Her Vision

Susan said this about her design, “The lines are clean and Zen like. Reminds guests of a New York loft or an industrial warehouse. Reminds me of [the] freedom to live and work.” Her studio was positioned to allow the winter sun to enter through multiple transom windows for warmth and light. And of course, the hot summer sun overhead.

Art Studio Details

The art studio is 30’ x 100’, includes scissor trusses for maximum inside space and has a finished interior. Susan explains: “I designed a 30 by 100 foot structure with 34 high ceiling at peak to make my life easier. Concrete floors, two garage door openings to drive my truck inside, pellet stove, large fan, storage loft, electrical outlets by the dozen, garage LED lights in the ceiling… all the perks that will make my creative life easier.”

Other than her studio, Susan opted to include a living space (known as her ‘safe house’). The space features a kitchen, master bath, gas fireplace, dining area, walk-in closet, walk-in pantry and laundry area. This area has radiant floor heat and air conditioning along with a loft storage area. By adding a ‘screened sleep-in porch’, she was able to gain a large, additional room.

Partnering with Conestoga Buildings

When asked why Susan chose Conestoga Buildings to construct her studio, she said, “…Another company would deliver the parts and I had to hire a general contractor to build. Conestoga [Buildings] offered an experienced crew to set my building. That was worth a lot.” She continued, “The site is difficult to assess and when the machinery for the trusses could not make it up the steep drive, the building crew figured out another way. I live on a hilltop with extremely high winds. I felt that Conestoga [Buildings] offered quality materials that would withstand abuse from the weather. I went with top quality doors and windows throughout, including the two 10-foot garage doors and I have no annoying rattling.”

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Susan Harb’s building is an open studio and welcomes guests. It’s located at 985 Jacktown Road, Lexington, Virginia 24450. Items are available for purchase at the studio but also at the NELSON Gallery in Lexington, Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke and Strangeways in Fredericksburg.

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