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  • Revitalize Your Garage Floor

    If you’ve recently (or not so recently) built or designed a garage building, you probably want a few tips on the best way to approach periodic maintenance. Or perhaps your building is long-overdue for a completely new look and you’re considering a full-scale storage building makeover. Fortunately, the ease-of-assembly that comes attendant with a pole

  • 5 Common Dangers in the Garage (And How to Handle Them)

    Here at Conestoga Buildings we’ve had to account for, plan for, mitigate and prevent a number of dangers and hazards building pole barn garages throughout the years. The design and build processes each present a number of unique challenges all their own, but there’s just as much to be mindful of when it comes to

  • Overhead Door Options for Your Garage

    Whether you’re planning to design and construct a new garage building, or update an existing structure, Conestoga Buildings can help you upgrade your residential or commercial property – from design styles and colors to composites and performance. With a foundation in a range of classic design options, your perfect overhead door is just a consultation

  • Making the Most of Limited Space

    Your garage space can get overcrowded easily. You’ve got vehicles, tools, trash cans, bins, scrap wood and lumber, paint buckets, more tools – the list goes on. It’s impressive enough that you can maneuver through the clutter at all, let alone locate that old hammer you’re sure you remember seeing on the corner shelf. You

  • According To Plan

    The decision to build a new garage is not a small one, and it certainly is not a project you would want to dive headlong into without taking the time to lay some basic groundwork.  This isn’t the sort of thing you “figure out as you go along.”  The time you invest in pre-planning, forecasting

  • Garage Door Safety and Maintenance

    What’s the largest moving object in your home?  If you have a garage, it is undoubtedly your garage door.  Think of it: opening that garage door is essentially sliding a wall up and out of the way.  The mechanism that allows this massive portal to open and close is a delicately balanced and extremely fine-tuned

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