Henry Walters, NFBA Crew Foreman of the Month

We’re honored that the NFBA (National Frame Builder’s Association) chose our very own Henry Walters as Crew Foreman of the Month.

In the June issue of Frame Building News, Henry’s story is told. Quotes from Kathy Jonas–the writer who interviewed Henry–, Heather Angstadt (our Senior Construction Administrator) and Henry himself can be found. He provided a little background when speaking with Kathy–here’s what she wrote: Born on a dairy farm, Walters grew up doing early-morning chores before school and appreciates the work ethic instilled in him while he was just a boy. He has tried to instill those same values in his own three sons. “It’s all old-school stuff, “ he says with a laugh. “Its hard to get in trouble when you’re working all the time.”

Kathy explains, “After talking with Henry Walters for just a few minutes, you understand why he has such good rapport with his crew members. He’s funny, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. And at only 32 years old, he knows how to get the job done and get it done right.”

When our team decided to nominate Henry for this special recognition, we knew he was the right choice! Since Heather works closely with Henry everyday (coordinating between New Holland, PA and various job sites in NY), she was able to speak about Henry and his deserving of this recognition.

“As lead foreman, Henry has constructed a team that has become a strong and reliable building crew. He has a great reputation in the New York area and has set our company apart from our competitors as skilled and reliable… The customers are always happy with the results… I always feel comfortable that Henry can handle any issues. I have complete faith in him.” said Heather as she explained her feelings about Henry as a crew foreman and colleague.

Other than being recognized by the NFBA, Henry received a $100 check, compliments of American Building Components. He is now eligible to be the Crew Foreman of the Year which results in additional $500, along with being recognized at the Frame Building Expo in 2018.

Read the full article below!

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