• Rachelle and Don’s Upgraded Garage – Herndon, VA

    In April 2016, we completed a beautiful 4 car garage in Herndon, VA. The owners, Rachelle and Don, were looking to upgrade their current garage to accommodate larger vehicles and overall improve their use of the garage (“sharage” as they call it). It’s not everyday we have customers who takes photos of the work as

  • The Difference Between Site Preparation And Grading – And The Importance Of Both

    Site preparation and grading are two important aspects of the post frame building process. These two ideas seem similar at first glance, but just what are they? Read on to find out! SITE PREPARATION Site preparation is a critical step in the building process of a structure. Below are common questions asked by our customers: Who

  • Save Time and Money on Your Post Frame Building

    When it comes to post frame buildings, there are many benefits over stick frame structures – how quickly they can be erected is the main one that commonly comes to people’s minds. Now, it’s even easier for you to get your traditional storage building, garage or simple agricultural building constructed in days, not weeks! Conestoga Buildings has launched its

  • Post Frame Ski Lodge in New York

    At Conestoga Buildings, we have over 25 years of post frame structure building experience and have constructed over 18,000 structures. This means we have the necessary experience to build creative garages, barns, homes and more. One of our most recent projects involved building a custom, post-frame ski lodge in Roxbury, NY. This particular client has

  • Constructing a Large Garage in Morgantown, WV

    At Conestoga Buildings, we like to handle every aspect of every project from conception to completion. This allows us to make sure that every detail is finished correctly and each building we build is a welcome addition to our clients’ properties. One of our current projects is building a large garage in Morgantown, West Virginia.

  • Rebuilding a Garage in Felton, PA

    At Conestoga Buildings, we are a reliable source for projects as small as barns and garages and even up to large retail facilities and multi million-dollar municipal buildings. Now, after over 25 years in the business, we are still proud as ever when we near the end of another new project. Recently, we were brought

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