When contemplating a new building for your farm, it makes good sense to look for ways to make it environmentally sustainable. As every farmer knows, it’s always easier to work with nature than against it. And in the long run, going green will save you money through reduced energy use and preserve precious resources for

  • 3 Keys to Designing Cattle Barns for Healthy Livestock

    Thanks to their large interior spans and quick, inexpensive construction, pole barns are ideal for housing livestock. Whether you need an open shed to provide basic shelter in your pasture, a dairy barn with milking stations or a chicken house, you can have it sooner for less if you choose pole barn construction. THE KEYS

  • 6 Reasons to Choose a Pole Barn for Your Machinery Shed or Workshop

    Pole barns are ideal for farm buildings such as machinery sheds and workshops. They’re affordable, durable and flexible to allow highly customized designs. The following are six reasons why pole barns are such a great choice for farm workshops and sheds. 1. Flexible interiors Because pole barns allow large open spans inside a building, they

  • Siting Livestock Sheds and Barns on Your Farm

    When you need to build a new shed or barn for your livestock, the location you choose affects much more than the scenery around your farm and the number of steps you have to take to get your chores done. The site you choose has a huge impact on the atmosphere inside your barn and

  • Pole Barns & Farm Buildings in Every Style

    It doesn’t matter if you have a 2,000 acre commercial farm or a 10 acre hobby farm, your farm building or pole barn needs to get the job done. You might be storing farm equipment such as tractors and combines or housing livestock such as horses. The real question is: does your pole barn or

  • Why Do You Need a Second Floor in Your Pole Barn?

    Sometimes it’s a simple matter of wanting extra storage space or having an absolute need for a complete second floor or loft, but what helps you determine whether or not to move forward with a second floor in your new farm building? WHAT DO YOU DO? Do you grow and store your own hay and

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